Kentucky American Legion



American Legion Post Everlasting

   It has been the will of our Heavenly Father in His wisdom to call our beloved comrades from their labor here on earth to His regard on high.  Our comrades have now been permitted to enter that spiritual building, that house not made by hands, but eternal in the heavens.  We as comrades mourn their passing and cherish their memory.

   Whereas our comrades during their time allotted to them here on earth brought to others many good deeds, loving kindness, and showed compassion toward their fellow man, they, therefore won for themselves the highest respect and loving affection of all who knew and associated with them.  Truly our departed comrades through their entire life displayed the true meaning of brotherly love.

   Therefore, be it resolved that in their passing, The American Legion has lost a faithful and true comrade and an outstanding citizen.

TAPS 2016